It’s Baaaack . . . Would the Equal Rights Amendment Change Anything for Women?


C.Hayes photo 2012In grade school, I proudly wore a colorful array of political T-shirts, ranging from presidential candidates to the plight of agricultural workers, in a complex rotation based on a combination of campaign cycles and Ms. Magazine cover stories. [Read more…]

Welcome to Your Bullshit Patriarchy, Senator Brown

If there’s one thing I’ve learned doing social justice work, it’s that America hates a whiner. No matter how legitimate you think your grievance is, society at large will likely beg to differ. Whether you’re a victim of racial discrimination or a rape survivor, you’re expected to pull yourself up by your freedom-having bootstraps and prove to the world just how over it you are by going on Oprah, landing a book deal and also hopefully becoming a millionaire. That’s the only kind of story Americans like, so shut it, trauma victims! We are very busy buying stuff and imposing our insane-o version of democracy overseas, and we really don’t have time for your complaining. And by “complaining,” we mean “talking about it at all.” [Read more…]