Low-Hanging Fruit: Dov Charney

Welcome to Low-Hanging Fruit,  an occasional feature in which I ridicule people who have already been so thoroughly castigated that they really don’t need me piling on to make the point. But then I go ahead and pile on anyway, because I’m just trivial enough to enjoy that sort of thing. This week’s overripe banana: horrible gross Dov Charney. For those of you new to this skeezy story, Charney is CEO of American Apparel,a serial sexual harasser and the alleged perpetrator of a kidnapping and assault, who finally fucked with the wrong girl and is now being sued for an ungodly sum by ex-employee Irene Morales. [Read more…]

Berlusconi Child Prostitution Trial: Revenge of the Lady Judges

[VIDEO] Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has given us so much over the years, that it’s hard to know how best to express our gratitude. What’s the appropriate thank you gift for a European premier who elevated showgirls to Parliamentary seats, and once told an African priest that he had a “nice tan”? A muffin basket? Some kind of desk globe?

Berlusconi is an all-purpose wanker, who’s dodged charges on everything from tax evasion to bribery. But where he truly excels is in the denigration of women. When it comes to lady-hating, he is a rock star. There was that time he hit on a female politician, at an official function and in front of his then-wife, [Read more…]