Vaginas, Wetbacks and Gays: The Democrats’ New Coalition of the Ostracized

yeswecanMuch has been made of the Republican’s 2012 postmortem, in which they attempted to answer the pressing question, why does everyone think we suck? The conclusion they reached, that it was mostly a messaging problem, was so obviously misguided that Democrats could only chuckle in response: they must be missing the point on purpose, right? That’s the only thing that could explain such a shallow, obtuse analysis. [Read more…]

What’s the Matter with Men?

mensroomsignI hadn’t planned on weighing in on the Newtown school shootings; in fact, I had plans specifically not to discuss it—but not because I don’t care. Like anyone, I’m deeply moved and saddened by it, and I also have opinions about the other social topics this tragedy has introduced into our national conversation, like gun control and mental health services. But as to the event itself I didn’t have much to say, except that it is just the goddamned worst most unbearable thing, and everyone has already said that so I didn’t think there was anything for me to add. [Read more…]