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Home Ec for Wayward Girls: Southern Posole

soupIf you weren’t lucky enough to have a Mexican grandmother—as I was, god rest her overbearing soul—then you may not be familiar with the manifold charms of posole, which for my money is the best of the great trio of Mexican soups: tortilla soup, menudo and the tragically less-well-known posole. Tortilla soup is an actual Mexican thing; you may not believe it if all you’ve had is whatever watery cilantro-choked version they’re pushing at your local Tex-Mex place, but real tortilla soup is delicious, albeit quite simple and better as a starter than an entree, in my opinion. As for menudo, I can’t figure out why anyone has even heard of this soup and have concluded it must be that band, because since when do Americans eat tripe? [Read more…]

Get Out of My Crotch

GetOut_FrontTo clarify, the above is a book title, not an imperative statement directed at you. After all, YOU wouldn’t go poking around in my ladyparts uninvited, would you? No, you would not. Which means you have much better manners than, say, the hundreds of politicians at the federal and state levels who have lately been making it their business to regulate what goes on in America’s Panties. [Read more…]

What’s the Matter with Men?

mensroomsignI hadn’t planned on weighing in on the Newtown school shootings; in fact, I had plans specifically not to discuss it—but not because I don’t care. Like anyone, I’m deeply moved and saddened by it, and I also have opinions about the other social topics this tragedy has introduced into our national conversation, like gun control and mental health services. But as to the event itself I didn’t have much to say, except that it is just the goddamned worst most unbearable thing, and everyone has already said that so I didn’t think there was anything for me to add. [Read more…]

I Don’t Give a Crap if Katy Perry’s Not a Feminist

Katyperry Not FeministOK, Internet, I’ll bite. For the past week you’ve been insisting that people like me should be outraged that, upon receiving her Billboard Woman of the Year Award, Katy Perry felt constrained to note that she’s not a feminist. Like anyone was asking, which they weren’t, but maybe “Woman of the Year” sounded too serious to someone beloved for her willingness to attach sparklers to her boobs? [Read more…]

Blind Spot (Part 2)

So now we have this: NFL player Jovan Belcher murders his girlfriend, then drives to the Kansas City Chiefs’ football stadium and shoots himself in the head. All I had to read was the headline to know that this was the awful but predictable outcome of an abusive relationship. There may not be a paper trail of arrests or restraining orders to prove it, but it’s rare for incidents like this to be the first violent encounter. [Read more…]